The territory

One city, six destinations

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A city with ancient roots and timeless beauty, where history and legend merge to create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Verona Est

A hidden treasure, made up of boundless landscapes and ancient villas, accessible to those who go beyond appearances and love to delve into history and traditions.

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Pianura dei Dogi

Cradle of the Republic of Venice, today it enchants visitors from all over the world. Among age-old villas, meandering canals and golden fields, one breathes a unique atmosphere of tranquillity, which seems suspended in time.


A magical place, where wild and unspoiled nature reigns supreme. Far from the frenzy of the city, you can enjoy the simplicity of life, discover ancient traditions and taste its history.

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Where the hills covered with vineyards extend to the horizon, between cellars and ancient villages, one of the finest wines in the world is produced, bearer of the name of the land itself.

Garda Lake

A pearl set in the Veronese hills that welcomes those who most desire it: from those seeking peace to those seeking adventure. From those who aim for the peak of the mountain, to those who love to be lulled by the waves of the water.

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