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Team Building

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A great team knows how to enhance the individual as well as the collective. To improve the motivation, communication and sense of belonging of all your collaborators and employees, we organize highly inclusive and stimulating team building activities. Our mission is to help all elements of the group to feel involved, to give their best and to sacrifice themselves for a common cause.

Discover what we can do toghether.

Verona challenge E-bike tour

Sharing the emotion of discovery to rediscover complicity. All aboard an e-bike to discover the most secret corners and the most evocative glimpses of Verona, playing sports together and letting yourself be pampered by the charm of a thousand-year history.

Rafting on the Adige

Fight side by side to overcome the obstacle. An electrifying descent through the rapids of the river capable of activating the production of hormones such as adrenaline and oxytocin, to make your team experience authentic emotions capable of uniting people.

Team cooking dinner

Share a kitchen experience to improve collaboration. Try your hand at preparing a dinner to be eaten together, to encourage dialogue, comparison and sharing. A surefire recipe for a soul-searching brigade.

Treasure hunting

Trigger the competitive spirit to ignite motivation. Go on a treasure hunt through the streets of the city and in the most suggestive locations, to sharpen the ingenuity of employees and stimulate healthy competition between the various offices.

Pic nic in Vineyards

Carve out a moment to be yourself and to break down barriers. A gourmet picnic to immerse yourself in nature among the Valpolicella vineyards, with a glass of good wine to encourage deeper and sincere conversations.

Sailing challenge on Garda lake

Facing the wind and the waves together to remember that you have no limits. An exciting sailing challenge to understand the importance of a common strategy, to unleash people’s potential and to educate in problem solving.

Vespa tour on Lake Garda

The thrill of two wheels to rediscover travel companions. A breath-taking tour aboard a Vespa to discover Borghetto, Valeggio, Custoza and all the wonders of lower Garda. To learn to drive and to be driven.

Valpolicella Quad

Adventure as a lever for motivation and involvement. A full-throttle day in the hills of Valpolicella and the woods of Lessinia, to become explorers and push your employees to take a step outside their comfort zone.

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